” Dick on E, Life on E, Bank Account….” Insecure Season 2 ep.1 Reaction

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HBO’S Breakout hit ” Insecure” is back and I couldnt be more excited. Yesterday’s episode was a good introduction for both returning viewers and for those joining this train in motion ( This is a reference but I’m forgetting from where) anyways, with the season opener it’s clear to me that Issa is back on her bullshit. I say that in the most loving way and coming from the most nurturing place. Honestly haven’t we ALL been Issa before. If not….you definitely know a Issa. For me I really empathize with Issa and her current situation. Let me catch you up, Last season Issa was feeling super stagnant in her life and in her relationship. Her man wasn’t flourishing , he was too comfortable. I feel like he even forgot her birthday ( Or something similar)…anyways Issa ends up cheating on him and then feels really bad about it and decides to tell him she did it.

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For the record before I continue I never think cheating is ok , however…..Idk I just felt where she was coming from ya know? Anyways so she tell’s him they break up and we end up where we are now. Honestly for me, tonight’s episode was so triggering. Firstly Issa using any excuse to get Lawrence in the room with her. Triggering. That awkward moment once they finally came face to face with each other. TRIGGERING. Then when she let Lawrence get his …..8 seconds of fun. I cringed. Only because in those moments thats where you have to stand your ground. Demand your respect.

I hate everything that Issa is going through at the moment, but Its kinda hard to feel sorry for her. I mean she didnt HAVE to cheat on Lawrence. She made a decision. She also didnt have to tell him. That again was a decision. I am proud that she took responsibility for her role in the situation, something I dont believe Lawrence has done yet. All in all tonights episode wasnt majorly eventful and I am so happy to have my #InsecureSundays back. See Ya next week 🙂


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