Fighting for your purpose.


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So a couple of months ago, I was having a conversation with ….someone who was a tad older than me ( Im 23) , I wasn’t necessarily seeking advice but I was looking for a conversation. So in our conversation, this person I explained to this person how I often felt that when I would take what I perceived to be a ” step forward” or a ” elevated movement” it would seem like to me….that I would be getting push back from the world. The universe actually. Imagine making a move that you think is your best, the best. Only to have attacks come from every imaginable angle. So in that conversation I was told,      ” You have to stop fighting against the universe, maybe it’s not something that’s meant for you to have”. I wanna say I had this conversation around……November and that philosophy has really bothered me ever since. Honestly. Just because something is hard…or there are obstacles that come in the way that means give up? On the flip side, I personally hate doing something amazing that comes easy. It doesnt have the same gratification as something that you fight and grind for to make possible. Or am I tripping? I feel like I would rather think of it as Fighting for my purpose opposed to fighting against my purpose. Idk lol maybe I’m tripping. What yall think?


Here’s what I was listening to.


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