What’s your freak number?


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Hello Lovers,

So, Recently I was having a discussion at work with a few of my co-workers, and per usual with many conversations had among young adults the conversation turned to sex. We were discussing different acts, and things we enjoy in the bedroom, things we experimented with ETC. Right? So in this conversation, the topic of choking came up , with a couple people being for it, and then some being against. Then the conversation turned to spit. ( I just snickered btw) but …..this part really divided the conversation. Two of us were for the spit and everyone else was appalled ( Re-Read that there’s teaaaaa)

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This made me think, what is my damn freak number lmao. Ok backtrack, A freak number is basically a scale of 1-10 of how freaky you are, 10 being the highest 1 being really Vanilla. Now there are a ton of factors that go into deciding a freak number. The first being , and you have to honestly think about this….HOW FAR ARE YOU WILLING TO GO? This is serious. How far outside of the norm are you willing to go? Im sorry but sucking dick and eating vagina are no longer acceptable , as the reason for a high freak number. Are you willing to let your man hit in the restroom of ….lets say…..Cielo ( If your not familiar….welp) or better yet….are you open to giving your man head on the rooftop at the four seasons….during rush hour? LOL I think these are valid questions. Another factor, are you solely having sex just to say your ” Fucking” or are you taking sex seriously….studying every experience…using them as learning opportunities to grow for the next. Also are you only having sex to bust a nut? Do you care about your partner finishing? These are all factors to consider. Lastly ARE YOU KEEPING IT THE FUCK REAL WITH YOURSELF?

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When you and your homegirls/ Homies discuss sex, are you keeping it real? Or are you downplaying because your prude and you dont want anyone to think your a hoe. NEWSFLASH its 2017, Babe…..we all a luh hoeish. Lmao my mom always say’s ” It aint what they call you it’s what you answer to”……. and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a little hoeish. From time to time. LOL

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Ok to the tea. Me Personally I’m gonna say my freak number is a solid….9.876 ….There’s a ton of shit Im willing to do. It is what it is lol, but Im interested to know about you guys. Spill yall tea lol, #TruthTeaBihhhh

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Here’s what I was listening to today.


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