Forgiveness is for you…..Let it go.

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Hello Lovers,

Forgiveness. I feel like forgiveness is truly one of the hardest concepts to grasp. Especially when we feel like we have been hurt. ESPECIALLY when we feel like we’ve been hurt. When we feel like we’ve been hurt, we dont stop to consider the other side, the opposing view. The only thing we know is to immediately go into defense mode. This is especially true when we feel hurt by someone we loved, or someone we trusted. Our defense is immediately to block out the hurt. Block out the person, block out the situation, immediately back off. But are we doing more harm than good?

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Think about it, and I mean really think about it. What good are you doing for yourself holding a grudge? What good are you doing holding on to that negative energy, or those negative thoughts. I’ll take it a step further. Think about the person who hurt you. Think about the relationship you had with this person prior to them hurting you, does what they did eradicate that entire experience? Look at the intent. Was their intent to cause you hurt or pain? Or did you just get hurt in the cross of something else? But mose importantly …..the thing about forgiveness is you do it for your DAMN SELF.


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Let me tell you something, holding onto hurt will be the reason you never truly find happiness and will be the reason you eventually hurt someone else. Actually let me break this down, explain the cycle further. The person who hurt you, most likely was a person who themselves have been hurt. They were hurt by someone, and they never forgave and this caused them to hurt you. That’s why forgiveness is so important man. We have to hold ourselves accountable for breaking the cycle of hurt. And we have to stop thinking forgiveness means that your somehow weak. Forgiveness is one of the strongest things as a human that you can do. There is strength in healing. You just have to find it.

Until Next Time ❤


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