The Dating Game: The Struggle is REAL


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Dating in 2017, is honestly the most bizarre life experience we’ll ever come across as young adults, and finding true love is probably gonna be one of the most difficult tasks for my generation. I live in a time where , life is literally about instant gratification. You can literally , in 2017 open your phone and take care of any facet of your life that needs tending to. Medical information, a click away, banking is done on an app, and sexual pleasure is literally waiting for you to swipe.

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This is disappointing for someone like me.  At this point I blame media ( Hey in 2017 media is the official cop-out) no but seriously, I grew up in the era of Romantic Comedies. In those movies, you accidentally find the love of your life in a coffee shop, you guys energy connects, you make no move, you guys leave, 6 months later your bestfriend comes to dinner with the coffee shop guy, you guys fall in love you tell your bestfriend and BLOOP 2 years later you marry coffee shop guy, and your bestfriend is your bridesmaid. PERFECT ending.

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That’s not happening today. My peers consider a first date to be “Sliding” on you, coming to your house , turning on some 90’s netflix movie, then spending the next 90 minutes propositioning you to perform oral sex. 😦

I wish we could go back to the days of courting, and getting to know someone and actually dating and falling in love. Is that too much to ask?


P.S Here’s what I was listening to



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