#CarrieChronicles Count On Me.

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Hello Lovers,

It has been a month. Lol well almost a month. I’ve missed you guys so much.

In life, I always feel like or have felt like god sends you down a path to the best version of yourself and the only thing that can deter you from that path is the choices in life that we make. And on that path you’ll meet people meant to either guide you to your best self or assist in deterring you. In my life, in my recent life I can say I have experienced both. I am grateful for those experiences. Honestly. ( Ouhhhh ok but lowkey that opening was lit, like not to toot my own horn but that was lit)

Ok but I have a friend, right? Yall I honestly feel like god hand picked and delivered my friend to me, because its so rare for me to find someone who gets me, who just understands me, doesn’t question or hesitate but just gets me. Let me backtrack, in my life I became content with the idea that I would never develop a true friendship with another man, I never connected well with men, I always befriended women. Until I met my bestfriend…..we’ll call him CMJ ( You know we never do names lol) but no. I’ve never had a man in my presence who wanted nothing from me, other than to see me be the best version of myself. A friend who’s only gain in our friendship is seeing me succeed. I feel like those qualities in a friend can honestly be taken for granted. In my life, I’ve always been the “give my all” kinda friend. I would put so much into friendships and would often find myself hurt. So at some point I stopped looking for true bonds. I gave up. So for me, it means a lot to have someone provide me with the same support and energy I give out. Its so refreshing to sit with someone who I share so many similarities to in life experience, and be able to speak my deepest truest feelings to without fear of being judged, or misunderstood, or any negativity, I feel like that kind of genuity is so rare and often is never found in others.


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To my bestfriend. I owe you the largest and most sincerest apology and you deserve to have it on the largest platform I posses. In me trying to sort through my own personal storms , I never considered how my dimwitted attempts to rectify an disastrous situation could affect those around me. I understand now that a genuine bond like the one curated by us is intimidating in a room full of inauthentic connections and forced interactions. But I’ve learned, in life and friendships. It’s not the battles you through that define you, its how you heal from the war.

” Nothing Real Can Be Threatened “

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Here’s what I was listening to:


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