#CarrieChronicles The Onion Theory

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Hello Lovers,

So recently, I was stuck sitting on the freeway in 5pm Traffic, and I suddenly had a thought, ( Am I the only one who has super deep thoughts when they’re driving?)              Ok but no , so I’m driving and I start thinking about relationships right? Not specifically intimate couple relationships, but all relationships. Friendships, relationships with your closest cousins, really with anyone you encounter that you grow to care about. I start thinking about how every relationship develops so differently and I developed a true appreciation for that ya know? And in thinking of that, I thought “Wow, all relationships are really onions”. Here lies the “Onion Theory”. In every relationship you constantly learn new things about a person, the more time you guys spend, the more is exposed.           This made me think about how layered people are, and how they only expose these layers as they become more comfortable. I’ll use myself as an example, I am a super open person. I mean I literally gab all of my feelings on this site, but there are some things about me that I only reveal when I am super comfortable, I’ll spill a bit. I am super emotional right?  ( I’m a Pisces , I live in my feelings) but not a lot of people know that I’m really bad at verbally expressing all of my feelings. Most people think that since Im so open and honest that I share all of my feelings and thoughts, but nope.

In thinking of this I started to think of the beauty of the experience of someone shedding those layers, and slowly letting you in. Or Vice Versa. Those are the moments in life I’ve become super appreciative of as of late. It’s something about someone choosing to be vulnerable , that I find so much strength in. It made me really think of all my friendships and relationships I’ve had, and I just feel so….hmmm grateful that a select few have trusted me to reveal their layers. I hate that I’m so mushy that things like that really move me, but again I’m a Pisces lol. That’s all for this week, until next time.

P.S This is what I was listening to ( This weeks may be theeeee most random)





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