#CarrieChronicles Im 23 and I wanna get married by 25…Am I crazy?


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Hello Lovers,

My name is Cardia and I am a 23 year old millennial and I want to be married by the time I am 25. If your reading this there is a 85% chance you just gave me the most deadening side eye ever. Either you side-eyed the fact that I introduced myself on MY site ( I chuckled at that, lol ) or your annoyed that I am so young and have such a lofty goal of being married at such an young age. A little backstory, I am what I like to think of extremely modern with very traditional values. ( What does that mean Cardia). It means that I fight for gender equality, I am an advocate for lgbt rights, an avid feminists, but I still want to be married and have my white picket fence. Ok maybe not the fence, only because I hate fences and I despise grass even more so I’ll probably live in a condo, but you guys get the point. But back to what I was saying. I have had my wedding planned mentally since I was …I wanna say 17. And literally only minor details have changed since ( marriage partner, groomsmaids..you know MINOR) and in visioning this wedding, I always envision myself young and honestly I will be looked at as young for a while ( Black doesn’t crack and I hydrate) but nevertheless, my biggest fear in life is being 55 still raising teenagers. I get anxiety at the thought of being the old guy at the bar scoping for fresh meat.

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I think what bothers me most, is that so many of my peers are scared of the thought of committing to someone or having that kind of responsibility at such a young age. I was talking to one of my good friends, asked me “Cardia…what you gone do with a husband at 25″. My answer, ” Im gonna cook, clean, iron, love, support, encourage , and take my ass to work because thats what you do when you love someone and commit to joining each others lives”

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No but seriously , am I crazy for wanting these things? Should I be focused on…..everything else but love? Should I be worried that none of my peers seem to be riding this wave which means I’ll probably be marrying some 45 year old papa? ( Lawd) Im perplexed 😦 Well …until next time.


P.S Here’s what I was listening to



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