#CarrieChronicles ” If that were what I wanted, Then it would be what I have”

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Hello Lover’s

This month has been sooooo very interesting to say the least. I’m working on so many projects, and I can honestly say I have never been so excited in my life. I feel extremely blessed. Ok so, there’s this quote that I am famous for , ( Not famous but you know) Ok the quote is ” If that were what I wanted, then that would be what I have”. The quote comes from an argument I had with my brother maybe in like 9th grade. I don’t remember what exactly we were discussing, but I remember it was centered around me always getting what I wanted. Basically If its what I want, i’ll find a way to get it. This has literally followed me into adulthood. It is very rarely, that I do not get my way. And in the case that I don’t get my way then I easily write it off as “It must have been something I didn’t really want”. Right? So after reading that obnoxious explanation about today’s title, I’m sure you guy’s are wondering where this is going.

YALL. There’s something I really want. Like really want, And I’m not getting my way.


And to be clear, Im not upset about WHAT im not getting. That’s not this. ( Or however that saying goes) It’s the fact, that I actually, genuinely, really, REALLY want this thing and I am not in control over when or even if I will ever get it. That puts me in a pickle.           ( There’s a bit of irony in that phrase…I’ll digress tho) I’ve never been in a situation where someone else has power over my wants….so I’m perplexed on what to do. Honestly everytime I think about it, I just wanna scream.

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Then to add INSULT to my mental injuries, some kind of way I apparently opened up space on my face for rent and a set of chin breakout just moved on in. Literally imagine me in the mirror, crying at these breakouts. Im sure you guys are wondering ” Why so dramatic Cardia” BECAUSE, like the aforementioned experience of me never not getting my way, I have never , ever in my almost 23 years, had an extreme breakout. I just want to catch a break.

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Back to me not getting my way. Let this be a lesson, on perseverance and determination lol. I refuse to give up and I will get my way. I promise and Im gonna update you guy’s on my progress. Im gonna go back to the drawing board and come up with a action plan. Give me a solid……two weeks, I bet i’ll have my way lol. I just hate having to wait.



Until next time.  Au Revoir.

Here’s what I was listening to.



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