#CarrieChronicles Young & Dumb. 

Hello Lovers,

I wanna start by stating what may come off as the obvious guys. My blog has turned into a site purely discussing Love & relationships lol and even tho I made a concious decision to not do that this time….here we are again. I feel like if this story were a saga we would be on episode 4, of this particular storyline.

Ok guys I can officially admit that I got my feelings hurt ( I’m not sure if I said that last time) but yeah. That’s where we are lol. So I’m at work when an epiphany hit me. I’m young and dumb and slightly deluded 😂 ( The first step to solving an issue is recognizing that there is a issue). Follow me.

I got my feelings hurt by someone who was completely honest about their intentions but I choose to hear whatever I wanted to hear ( this is the deluded) Literally me:

Him: We’re friends, actually were barely that.

Me: Bitch close enough nobody gonna love em like you love em.

In retrospect I feel so stupid but I’m comfortable with that because there’s an opportunity for me to grow. That’s not even the most embarrassing part for me. Actually yes it is. I accepted sooooo many things that under normal circumstances would most certainly be issues for me , just so I could be apart of this particular persons life in any way. I was so thirsty for the slightest bit of attention from this person, I really compromised the self confidence it took me YEARS to build. And now I feel like the dumbest bitch in America

I literally set myself up for the okey doke and when the time came I dunked the ball in the dumb bitch basket 😂.

I don’t think I loved myself to allow me to realize the signs that the future I wanted was not what I was gonna get. ( Even tho the damn *sign* was this nigga verbally saying THE FUTURE YOU WANT IS NOT WHAT YOUR GONNA GET)

I think the lesson here, is never to compromise yourself trying to appeal to someone else because if they wanted you they would have you but in reality…..they don’t sis ….they don’t. And that’s ok, you may not be that particular persons cup of tea but there’s someone out there who thinks you’re their bottle of Dussè and they’ll pay a pretty penny for a sip 😉. And lastly HOW IN THE HELL YOU TRYNA LOVE SOMEONE ELSE ABD YOU STILL FIGURING OUT HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF 🙌🏿

Ok love you guys BYE ❤️😘

Here’s what I was listening to.


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