Stop competing. Especially when you do not compare.


I’m not sure why but in this day and age there seems to be such a focus on COMPETITION & being better than this person. And if I’m being honest I have surely fallen victim to this mindset. That bothers me. It bothers me when I feel it Happening internally & when I see it happening in real life.

Backstory. I have always been able to separate myself emotionally in business decisions. I remember in the 11th grade I auditioned to be a drum major in my schools marching band. I did an amazing job in the rounds of auditions, but in the end I didn’t make it. I remember them having the meeting and telling me I wasn’t selected and asking me how I felt. I remember the shock on there face when I said ” I think you guys made a great decision based off of what you were looking for , because I don’t do what __ does I could never give you that, I do what I give.” And that’s how I’ve always viewed things, for the most part. I do what I do and I do that well. There’s no one on the earth who can do what I do how I do it, however, that is true for everyone. I’ve always been able to isolate that. Until recently, well not super recently , but recent enough. I found myself comparing myself to my peers. Like ” well if they’re doing this I should be doing that” looking back I’m disappointed. I don’t compare to those people so why am I mentally competing?

I think the most devastating part is, that not only do we internalize these feelings but then society re-enforces this mentality. There’s this feeling that, two people can’t do the same or similar things and be friendly, it’s automatically competition, and we all at some point feed into the hype. How many times have you been in a social setting and saw someone who career wise is your peer and you didn’t speak. I can name several personally. And I’m disappointed honestly.

I think we should all embrace each other and assist in nurturing our abilities. I think we have to move away from the crab in the barrel mentality, and realize that when one somebody wins ITS A WIN FOR US ALL. I for a fact know that’s my immediate goal. Stop competing where I do not compare and start growing and nurturing my own talent. 🙌🏿

Here’s What I was bumping. ( 90’s slang yall like? lol)




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